Monday, August 11, 2014

Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds...
...Much like jazz... they have no rhythm or no rhyme

Unexpected improv patterns
Impromptu peaks, plateaus and valleys

I even dig the darkest places
Like cognac and live blues in sexy night spot spaces

Tucked into a cozy booth
Where shadows hide your inner truth

Thoughts come in waves of depth and intensity
Much like the soul stirring bass of R&B

And ideas come and go in droves
Few settle in to make themselves at home

Yeah, your mind is like sweet music
And I love the way you use it

Not of sound mind some might say
But I love all of the sounds you play

An infinitely intelligent instrument
Playing wisdom and words and wondrous whit

I see you...
And I get you
Unlike most mere mortals do

I hear you... mentally
No need to explain verbally

Beautiful... dangerously
Exuding and executing creative mastery

I'm so attracted to your mind that I can't get you out of mine...

Perhaps because your mind is a reflection of my own
And seeing how you think let's me know I'm not alone.

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