Friday, July 27, 2012


My latest book

It is due time for me to fill you in on the adventures that are my life. I am in a time of major change and transition. For the last several years I have branded myself as an author and motivational speaker. The love and support that I received from that path has been amazing. Lately, I have been having strong feelings that it is time for a major shift in my life. Now is the time for me to put everything in its proper place and order of priority. For some things this means taking a step away or ending it all together, for other things, this means an exciting new beginning.

One of my 1st Investment Properties

I have embarked upon a new path. The new priority in my life is Real Estate. This is not to say that I will never write or speak again, because I will. Writing and speaking are a very important part of any successful business...but you may find that what I write and speak about at this point may be more focused on the area that is my priority.

I entered the real estate game in elementary school. My first job was at my Grandfather's real estate company called Westchester Estates. It was called Westchester because that term is a combination of the two Parishes in Jamaica that my Grandmother and Grandfather were from...Westmoreland and Manchester. I've always had a wide variety of Real Estate books collecting dust on my shelves because in my heart of hearts I always knew that I would get back into it some day.

One year ago, I re-entered the field as an investor. I began acquiring residential properties in my hometown of Detroit. I was immediately fascinated and intrigued by it all. This led me to do further research and seek more education and professional development. In a whirlwind process over the last few months I took my real estate pre-licensing class, took and passed the state exam, got my real estate license and got hired into an office as a real estate agent. In the midst of all of this my real estate investing company acquired 5 new properties, several of which were multi-units.

Out ballroom dancing
So as you can see, I've got quite a full plate. 

Each piece of this message can be broken down into it's own detailed story in separate blogs...and I just may do that at some point...but I just wanted to take a moment out of my self-imposed crazy busy life to tell you what's new with me.....Monica Marie.