Friday, March 12, 2010

The Power Couple

In this day and age where the divorce rate is high and the chances of finding that one true love seem to be low, the power couple still prevails. What does it take to be a power couple? Who comes to mind?

Our President and First Lady are definitely the poster children for the perfect power couple. Each of them has created their own solid presence as individuals yet they are an even stronger brand as a team. With any team that has been dubbed a power couple, autonomy is key. Autonomy is defined as a strong sense of self or independence. For instance, if my man is often known and referred to as, Monica Marie Jones' boyfriend then that relationship would not be what I consider as power couple. Each party in the couple should have a distinct and unique identity of their own.

Another component to being a successful power couple is to be intentional about planning for quality time in the midst of the cooperative hustle and grind. A power couple must know how to have a balance between romance and business. Even President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama have a specified date night as well as an alternate night if the scheduled night has to be missed for any reason.

Next, an ideal power couple must have the capacity for what actors and actresses refer to as give and take. This means that they complement one another perfectly. One party should have strengths in areas that prove to be a challenge for the other.

When it comes to the woman in the relationship a phrase that is often used in hip hop culture comes to mind. “A ride or die chick”. This essentially means that the woman supports her man and has his back no matter what.

On the flip side, Destiny's Child said it best when they sung, "I need a soldier, someone who can stand up for me…" I might speak for myself when I say that I love a man that makes me feel protected, taken care of and that would go to war for me if need be, but I'm sure that there are many other women out there that would agree.

There are countless other traits and characteristics that define a modern day power couple, but autonomy, give and take, intentionally planning for quality time in the midst of the cooperative hustle and being that ride or die chick or that soldier are pertinent. What do you think it takes to make the perfect power couple?