Monday, November 16, 2009

Emotional Exploration

What do you consider as cheating on your mate? A kiss or other physical act shared with someone else is usually the first thing that comes to mind. But what about your significant other connecting with another person on a deeper level? Is that acceptable as long as they don't sleep with someone else?

What would you rather: another man or woman having your spouse or partner's body... or their heart?

Emotional exploration is a term that I heard used on my favorite station, Oprah Radio. It’s the idea that although one may not be stepping out physically they are instead making a connection to someone else emotionally.

You open yourself up to emotional exploration when you spend quality time, usually in the form of in depth conversation, forming a bond that is beyond friendship which hovers in the realm of attraction.

Society as a whole has become so desensitized to the act of sex that often times it holds no sacred or sentimental value. Hence when a man or woman cheats and says, "It was just sex, she (or he) didn't mean anything to me." They probably really mean it.

So now it seems that the real trouble lies in your lover making that deeper connection with another.

What do you consider cheating? What would you choose…physical deception or emotional exploration?